1. Any deposit paid by the Customer prior to the commencement of an order is non-refundable unless Pridecraft (‘the Company’) is unable to complete the work as agreed.
  2. The Customer will be given a proof of the work to be carried out. By signing the proof, the Customer approves of its content and releases the Company to commence work. The Customer is solely responsible for the content of the proof once it has been signed.
  3. The Company’s liability is expressly limited to the services indicated on the invoice and shall not be liable for any damages consequential or otherwise. All dates given are approximate.
  4. A minimum 50% deposit must be placed at the time of placing an order for goods or services with a value over £250.00. Any order below £250.00 must be paid for in full at the time of placing the order.
  5. Any balance due on an order is payable promptly on delivery or installation (where such installation is to be carried out by the Company). Title in the goods does not pass to the Customer until such time as valid payment is received by the Company for the goods or services and the Company is at liberty to repossess the goods if valid payment is not received.
  6. Any unpaid balances will attract interest at a rate of 1.5% per month and the Company has the right to refer the matter out for collection. In such case, all costs of collection including legal fees will be for the Customer’s account.
  7. Customer’s acceptance, either personal or through his / her agent(s) and / or employee(s) of the work ordered shall be deemed as full acceptance. This means that by accepting delivery of the work the Customer affirms that the work conforms to all expectations.
  8. If the Customer does not take possession of goods completed within 30 days from notification of completion, then the goods will be considered lost or forgotten and the Company will assume no further responsibility for the goods.
  9. Installation is not included in any price unless specifically stated as being included.